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Things being pregnant have prevented me from doing

Tonight, I begged my fellow Heavy Table photographers to take my place at a celebratory Sausage Fest, a fundraiser for Twin Cities Daily Planet. Copious amounts of free sausage, a good social and networking opportunity and plenty of gorgeous pictures to be taken hold no candle to recovering from a long week of working hard (well, hard for a 26 week woman pregnant with twins) while parking my ass on the couch and letting Kyle cook dinner for me and the boys. Fortunately others couldn't resist (or really, are just very sweet and are taking pity on me) and my ideal night has come though.  It's also my dearest friend Claudia's birthday celebration, which I will also forgo for a relaxing episode of Law and Order: SVU.  Truth: kids do change you.  

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Ha, love this! I feel this way too sometimes (couch, SVU, takeout food) and I don't have any babies to credit/blame! :)

February 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRuthie

Congrats Katie!

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